Georgia Davis


Webb Worthington

Georgia Davis and Webb Worthington

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"Falling" in Love

In April of 2017, my roommate, Jen Hawke, wanted to celebrate her 30th birthday with 30 of her closest friends down along 30A. So we found a beach house that could accommodate our entire crew, and Webb was one of them. He and I met during this beach trip and it has been an amazing adventure "doing life with him" (as I like to say) ever since. We dated for a little over a year before he proposed, adventurously... I knew we had a date planned, but he wouldn't tell me what we were doing. I was a little suspicious that "IT" might be happening when he mentioned that this date was going to require a "leap of faith" from me... He picked me up from work to take me to a nice lunch. Instead, he pulled through Chick-Fil-A, told me to get comfortable because we had an hour-and-a-half drive ahead of us... but not to worry, he had cleared it with my boss that I didn't have to go back to work. Now I KNEW something was up! It wasn't until he pulled into the parking lot at SKYDIVE GEORGIA (literally that's the name of this company) that I realized what my highly anticipated big "leap of faith" was really describing... I wanted to kill him. I was very hesitant to jump, but decided to take a chance. Right after I finished landing (safely), Webb pulled me aside and told me that he had one more leap of faith to ask of me and for me to take another chance on him for the rest of our lives. When we got back to OUR NEW HOUSE, both of our parents were secretly waiting to celebrate with us. Soon thereafter, many of our great friends and family friends all showed up for a surprise engagement party.

I'll never jump out of a functioning airplane again; but now I am glad I did it this one particular time. I can't wait to see what other adventures God has planned for us while "doing life together"!